What is HBL TV?

Welcome to HBL TV, the official streaming platform of the LIQUI MOLY HBL.

All LIQUI MOLY HBL and 2nd HBL matches, as well as the Pixum Super Cup and the REWE Final4, can be seen on hbl-tv.com. The live events are supplemented by highlights and HBL's own on-demand content. The live broadcasts may be subject to restrictions in your region due to geo-blocking. You can find out more about this in the section "What content is available in my country".

HBL TV is designed to be adaptable to all devices. Whether you're at home or on the go, you'll always have access to the full range of content.

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What content is available in my country?

The content on the platform consists of on-demand content and live events. HBL TV shows over 600 live matches in the 23/24 season. Available subscriptions and content:

HBL TV World HBL TV Plus HBL TV Member (free)
LIQUI MOLY HBL (live + relive + highlights) 2. HBL (live + relive + highlights) REWE Final4 (live + relive + highlights) Pixum Super Cup (live + relive + highlights)
LIQUI MOLY HBL (highlights) 2. HBL (live + highlights) REWE Final4 (highlights) Pixum Super Cup (highlights)
LIQUI MOLY HBL (highlights) 2. HBL (highlights) REWE Final4 (highlights) Pixum Super Cup (highlights)

The availability of the individual subscriptions varies depending on the country of access and the current legal situation. Here you will find an overview of the availability in your country.


Registration is free of charge. A paid subscription can be taken out monthly or annually.

monthly yearly
HBL TV World 3,99€ 39,99€
HBL TV Plus 1,99€ 19,99€

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Accepted payment methods are credit card or direct debit.

How do I cancel my HBL TV membership?

You can cancel your subscription at any time. To do so, click on "Cancel subscription" in your account settings.

Are the matches commented on HBL TV?

At least one of the week's top matches will be commented in English on each matchday. The remaining matches will be broadcast with indoor commentary. In the calendar you will find an overview of the matches with commentary or indoor atmosphere.

Can I watch HBL TV on my tablet and smartphone?

You can access all content on the platform at any time via the mobile website. Simply use your tablet or smartphone and one of the recommended browsers. HBL TV is not available as an app.

Can I stream the content to my TV devices?

If your smart TV offers this function, you can stream all content to your TV set via the HBL TV video player. It is also possible to transfer the content to the TV set via a streaming stick (Amazon Fire TV Stick, Chromecast, Apple Airplay, etc.).

Which browsers can I use to watch HBL TV?

We support the following browsers for the desktop (on Windows, macOS, Linux): Safari, Chrome, Firefox, Edge.
We support the following browsers for mobile devices (Android and iOS): Safari, Chrome, Firefox, Samsung Internet.

HBL TV recommends a transmission rate of at least 10 Mbit/s for a stream in HD quality. Your internet connection should be able to handle 6 Mbit/s so that you can watch the live stream in standard resolution.

Do I also have access to my account and my booked content when I am on holiday?

Portability is guaranteed when you are abroad in the EU. EU portability means that if you are resident in the EU and have taken out your subscription there, but are temporarily travelling in another EEA country, you can still use HBL TV without restrictions. For example, if you live in Spain and have an HBL TV membership there, thanks to EU portability you can stream your usual matches even during a stay in Germany (where handball is not available live via HBL TV). However, if you have taken out your subscription in the USA, for example, you will not be able to access the HBL TV service if you are temporarily in Germany (or another country where HBL TV is not available live).

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