Two lies, one thruth | Jonas Stüber | VfL Gummersbach

How well does Jonas Stüber know his teammates? He takes the challenge "Two lies, one truth" - Have fun guessing along.
Two lies, one truth | Hannes Feise | TSV Hannover-Burgdorf
How well does Hannes Feise know his team-mates? The left winger takes part in "Two lies, one truth" - Have fun guessing along.
Two lies, one truth | Johannes Sellin | HC Erlangen
How well does Johannes Sellin know his teammates? He takes the challenge "Two lies, one truth" - Have fun guessing along.
Two lies, one thruth | Lenny Rubin | HSG Wetzlar
How well does Lenny Rubin know his teammates? He takes the challenge "Two lies, one truth" - Have fun guessing along.
The perfect spin shot | Masterclass with Uwe Gensheimer
How does the perfect spin shot work? Uwe Gensheimer himself took time for you and shows you in the new episode of masterclass!
Torso Workout | Fit with | Julian Köster
The shooting star of VfL Gummersbach, Julian Köster, shows you his favorite workout for the torso in this video. There's definitely something for everyone in these exercises! Have fun with the workout!
2. HBL-Magazine | Matchday 24
On the 24th matchday, HSG Konstanz welcomed TV Großwallstadt. Although the roles were clearly defined before the match, Konstanz surprised with a strong performance. HSC 2000 Coburg started a comeback against VfL Eintracht Hagen and made the match exciting again. In Dessau-Rosslau, the deciding goal was not scored until the final seconds.
Winger skills | Masterclass with Frank Carstens
Attention wingers! Learn from a real Bundesliga coach! Frank Carstens shows you how to improve your shot in just a few steps.
Whole-Body-Workout | Fit withNoah Beyer | Bergischer HC
Noah Beyer shows you a six-minute workout for the whole body! Have fun!
Powerplay | Masterclass with Ben Matschke
Ben Matschke is one of the best coaches in the LIQUI MOLY HBL! The coach from HSG Wetzlar always gets the maximum out of his players in every game. In the new masterclass, he shows you how to always make the right decision in powerplay!
2. HBL-Magazine | Matchday 23
On the 23rd match day, VfL Lübeck-Schwartau hosted ThSV Eisenach, the second team in the table. Although the roles were clearly distributed before the match, the teams delivered a hard-fought duel. VfL Eintracht Hagen wanted to secure important points to stay in the class in the match against their table neighbour Konstanz and in the exciting match in Rostock, Zaporizhzhia tried to earn the next two points.
Fit with Savvas Savvas | Pre-Game-Workout | ASV Hamm-Westfalen
Savvas Savvas shows his pre-game-workout! With these exercises he is well prepared for the match. Have fun trying it out!
Pivot body block | Masterclass with Johannes Golla
How do you actually make the perfect body block? Johannes Golla shows you!
My favourite player | LIQUI MOLY HBL
The stars of the "strongest league in the world" told us about their favourite players as a child. See if you can even find your favourite player. Have fun!
My Dream-7! Bennet Wiegert
Bennet Wiegert has already been German Champion, DHB Cup Winner and Champions League Winner. Now he has set up his dream 7 for us!
Pass Quality | Masterclass with Luca Witzke
In this masterclass, playmaker Luca Witzke explains his three important points for optimal passing quality! The Leipzig native shows you the most important elements and exercises to help you avoid technical mistakes. Have fun practicing.
Jersey-swap | Tim Zechel | HC Erlangen
In this video, Tim Zechel takes you on a journey through his handball career. From SC Magdeburg to HC Eintracht Hildesheim and TuSEM Essen to his current club, HC Erlangen. You can find out even more about his journey in the video. Have fun!
One on one | Masterclass with Paul Drux
Füchse captain Paul Drux is one of the best back players in the world! Not only is his attack and his overview of the game world class, but the german national player has also perfected his one-on-one skills over the years! In the new masterclass, Paul shows you how the perfect one on one works and what you have to pay attention for!
Jersey Swap | Csaba Szücs | Bergischer HC
In this video Csaba Szücs takes you on a journey through his handball career - Have fun!
Goal of the month feburary - all goals
Goal 1 Tom Paetow, HSG Konstanz Goal 2 Kay Smits, SC Magdeburg Goal 3 Patrick Glende, HSV Insel Usedom e.V. Goal 4 Aron Seesing, TSV Dormagen Goal 5 Peter Jungwirth, SV Salamander Kornwestheim Goal 6 Till Hermann, FRISCH AUF! Göppingen
Video study | Masterclass with Jogi Bitter
After watching this video, you will be able to save (almost) all shots on your goal! World champion Johannes Bitter shows you how he optimally works out the opponent's throwing patterns with video study. Our tip: Watch the video, copy the tricks and become a world-class goalkeeper!
Goal of the month december - all goals
Goal 1 Mats Beyer, Bredstedter TSV Goal 2 Peter Walz, ThSV Eisenach Goal 3 Michael Kühn, HSG Elbvororte Goal 4 Felix Keil, HSV Nidderau Goal 5 Patrick Groetzki, RN Löwen Goal 6 Oliver Perey, SGSH Dragons
Perfect assist | Masterclass with Martin Strobel
In the garden around the tree, or in the living room around your parents: With Martin Strobel's instructions, you can now practise the perfect pass!
Two lies, one truth | Johannes Sellin | HC Erlangen
How well does Johannes Sellin know his teammates? He takes the challenge "Two lies, one truth" - Have fun guessing along.